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HANDLING HANDS FOR YOU offers professional services of nursing elderly people at home. An elder who due to health problems is unable to do housework and live independently, needs assistance which must be provided in time; therefore, having a carer who lives together is a reasonable solution in this situation. Our company selects and, if necessary, additionally trains carers for the special task – living together with the elder or with a couple of elders around the clock and providing them with required assistance. The greatest advantage of the service offered by us is the fact that the elder has a possibility to stay in a cosy home with the wife or husband, continue looking after their garden, pets, communicating with friends and neighbours.

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Live-in care for elders – is an idea of the humane and practical care for elderly people at home. The care of an elder at home is considerably more advantageous than the care at a nursing home. A carer who lives with an elder for 12 or 24 hours...

Live-in care when the carer lives at the nursed person’s home around-the-clock is the service focused on the individual. In this case, you or your family member is provided with the care professional’s assistance 24 hours a day...

HANDLING HANDS FOR YOU can offer the appropriate assistance at home in the case of illness or in old age. Live-in care helps maintain human dignity and independence. It is an effective and modern solution of health and old age problems...

You or your family member can experience a need for continuous 24-hour care for different reasons, such as difficulty in doing housework, too short period of recovery in the hospital, special needs of the disabled person, etc...

why us?

We are committed to provide the top quality live-in care services so that your loved ones can live at home all the time.


We select only those care specialists who meet the established requirements, because we want to offer reliable care.


Our employees understand the elders’ needs, know their health condition, stay with elders around the clock, every day and can provide individual assistance tailored to their needs.


Our services make live-in care an excellent alternative to placement of an elder in a nursing home where he has to adapt to new conditions, change his habits and loses contact with his loved ones.

about us

HANDLING HANDS FOR YOU – is a platform with the help of which you can quickly and easily find a care professional who suites your or your family member’s individual needs. The carer selected by you can live in your house for 24 hours, provide specialist medical assistance or just communicate with you when you feel lonely. It doesn’t matter where you live in the country or what problems you face every day – we will do our best to find the most appropriate solution for you. Our project allows old, disabled or sick people to stay at their cosy homes and maintain their independence. This platform is intended not only for people who are looking for assistance, but also for self-employed care professionals who are looking for a job where their qualification and experience will be appreciated. With our help you can easily expand your employment possibilities.

In developing HANDLING HANDS FOR YOU project we always observe these general principles: quality, self-discipline and respect for people. We recruit care professionals responsibly, participate in developing the care plan and keep communicating with both parties to the agreement to ensure that the process is smooth and that your needs are taken into account. Our employees are always ready to answer your questions by phone or e-mail.

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Dan Robinson

First, let me extend my thanks for all the provided services. A lovely carer lived-in with my grandpa for 7 days, while we were having holiday in Spain.

Lauren Punter

My mother has been using live-in care services for a long time. I’m convinced that they treat my mother with dignity and respect. The staff and even the owner really care about their clients.

Henry Hutchins

I cannot praise too highly both staff and management, who took care of me during the time I needed it most.

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